Wednesday, January 18, 2006

kinda funny

I posted the last painting I did on certain forums and I received critiques about it, mostly they said that it needed improvements like more looseness, proportions; also that I should paint from life. So I posted the figure drawings that I did from life, now they can’t believe it’s the same person. I think that’s funny, both were done at different times in my life. My response was basically

“I think there is something to say about using your imagination or trying to develop one. I know some people who can be in front of the model or reference and produce great art but take that away from them and only rely on imagination, well they become lost, also yes you have those great people who can do both. That’s what the painting was straight from my head. I think you have to develop both only than you can be at your best, and of course you have to learn the fundamentals before you can produce anything of substance. So if you can’t paint with a brush you can’t paint with a machine, its one big learning process.”

So you take from the critique what you want and move on, here are the life drawings.


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Contact me when you get a chance. I'm going to do a film in Chicago and I'm looking for a concept artist if you are interested.

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